SC brings up Iskcon Kolkata for submitting incorrect case against Iskcon, enforced Rs 1 lakh expense

SC brings up Iskcon Kolkata for submitting incorrect case against Iskcon, enforced Rs 1 lakh expense

NEW DELHI: In a legal fight in between 2 spiritual organizations– Iskcon Kolkata and Iskcon Benguluru–, the

Supreme Court

brought up the authorities of Kolkata centre for lodging an incorrect and pointless criminal


against MadhuPandit Das who is the President of Iskcon Bangalore and enforced expense of Rs One lakh.
Taking exemption of filing of the pointless case leading to loss of valuable judicial time, a bench of Justices Ajay Ratogi and Bela M Trivedi stated that today case was more major as individuals declaring to be spiritual are enjoying such practice to settle individual ratings and to support their ego. The criminal case was lodged against Madhu Pandit in a theft case of a high-end bus coming from

Iskcon Kolkata

and it was declared that it remained in custody of

Iskcon Benguluru

Looking for quashing to the case, senior supporter Shyam Divan and supporter Kartik Seth, standing for Iskcon Benguluru, sent that it was done to bug them under the guise of the bus theft case to settle the individual ratings they had the ability to develop around 30 Centres under the aegis of Iskcon Bengaluru.
Keeping in mind that the grievance was submitted by Iskcon after a hold-up of 8 years, the bench declined to give credence to the claims.

“If the truths of the case are valued, there stays no shadow of doubt that the grievance submitted by the respondent-complainant after an excessive unusual hold-up of 8 years was absolutely nothing however large abuse and abuse of the procedure of law to settle the individual ratings with the appellants, which extension of such destructive prosecution would likewise be more abuse and abuse of procedure of law, more especially when neither the accusations made in the grievance nor in the chargesheet, reveal any prima facie case against the appellants. The claims made against the appellants are so ridiculous and unlikely that no sensible individual can ever reach to a conclusion that there is an enough ground for continuing against the appellants-accused.”
The court stated that it referred issue that individuals declaring to be associated with spiritual pursuit are delighting in incorrect lawsuits.
“We wish to include that just as bad coins eliminate great coins from flow, bad cases eliminate great cases from being heard on time. Since of the expansion of unimportant cases in the courts, the genuine and real cases need to take a rear seat and are not being heard for several years together. The celebration who starts and continues a pointless, reckless and ridiculous lawsuits or who abuses the procedure of the court need to be encumbered excellent expense, so that others might prevent to follow such course. The matter must be seen more seriously when individuals who claim themselves and project themselves to be the global spiritual leaders, engage themselves into such type of unimportant lawsuits and utilize the court procedures as a platform to settle their individual ratings or to support their individual ego,” the bench stated.

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