Kuno cheetah group incorrect for cow burglars, attacked in Madhya Pradesh

Kuno cheetah group incorrect for cow burglars, attacked in Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL: A group from Kuno National Park in Sheopur of Madhya Pradesh, entrusted with finding a female cheetah,


which had actually vacated the safeguarded location, was attacked early Friday early morning by villagers in

Burakheda town

who misinterpreted them to be livestock burglars.
The villagers fired at the group and introduced a physical attack. 4 forest workers were hurt in stone-pelting and required to healthcare facility.
The forest department group had actually been utilizing a


tracker connected to the cheetah’s neck to monitor its motions. Throughout their search, the group passed near Burakheda town in the night.
The villagers thought them to be livestock burglars and fired cautioning shots in the air to terrify them away. When the group did not retreat, the villagers introduced a violent attack, consisting of physical attacks and stone-pelting.

It was reported that the attack was triggered by current thefts in the town and the existence of dacoits in the location. The forest department group, in their look for the cheetah, had actually made a number of rounds of the town in their lorry, that made the villagers suspicious.
PK Verma, divisional forest officer, stated a case has actually been signed up at the regional police headquarters and prompted an extensive examination to determine those responsible for the attack.

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